INFO Page -- Information About Us and other items of interest


1. Clays

At the moment we are using 3 different types of stoneware clay:

1.1. White stoneware clay - We use this clay a lot, since it's shows really good the bright colors of the glazes applied over it. The clay base could not be seen in most cases because it is covered with glaze, but its color is a bit yellowish or off white after firing, we call the color "Ivory".   

1.2. Red stoneware clay - the color is similar to the popular terracotta clay, but this is where the similarities end. Our red stoneware need to be high fired, so the end result is much harder than any terracotta piece. We call the color "Red Brick".

1.3. Black German stoneware clay (Schwarze Steinzeugmasse) - It behaves similar to the red stoneware, but the color is very dark brown, almost black. We call the color "Ebony".

2. Glazes

The major part of the glazes in use currently in our color palette are comercial glazes, made by brands such as Mayco and Duncan. Some colors are mixed after our own recipes - i.e. we use ready-made ingredients but the contents and the way of blending are resulting from our research. All the glazes and glaze ingridients we use are certified as: Nontoxic Ceramic Glazes and Underglazes.
We take good care to fire each glazed piece to the proper temperature so our clients can be sure that their beads and pendants are completelly safe to use, and with proper care will last virtually forever.